Thursday, February 20, 2020

Management Strategies and Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Management Strategies and Practices - Essay Example (Montana.P and B. Charnov. 2000) Management is a discipline that has gained popularity over the years. Today people study and pursue degrees in managing the organization, the processes and most definitely people. It is true that employees are the asset of an organization. They are those who make the organization and lie at the foundation of it. Therefore, it is important that they be treated well, in such a way so that their skills and potential is polished. The right attitude in prospective employees is very important in order that employees give their 100% to the organization. The right attitude means a positive inclination towards one’s profession and a personality that matches the requirement of that profession. The theory lies on the premise that there must be something relevant in people that they can take up a particular profession. Just like you cannot make someone without hands, drive, it is therefore impossible to make the quietest girl in the class into a cheerleader. Hence a drive, something inborn is necessary to take up a particular profession. Therefore one must understand that while degrees, medals, reports and skills count; there’s something else which distinguishes a winner from a loser. There are also certain characteristics that organizations look for in their desired candidate in keeping with the culture of the company. For example; the Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island looks for doctors who are calm, composed, confident, energetic and compassionate. Even though companies are still impressed by a 4.0 gpa or a degree from Harvard University; it is not the only ingredient which makes successful employees who contribute positively to the wellbeing of the organiza tion. (Kreitner.R., 2000) UPS has also been hiring employees based on their performance on attitude and behaviourial tests. It therefore considers that the right temperament for a job is

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Educational Service Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Educational Service Journal - Assignment Example The Floor was dusty, and the walls were made of mud. In my class, I did not have students with a special need but nearly all the students were communicating in the mother tongue. The school students had a unique culture of punishing students, for example, if a student made noise in class; he was to carry a pan having all the utensils in and run all around the field five times. This culture did not value all students, and I was of a different race I would not be comfortable in the school. During classes and on playgrounds, students divided themselves basing on their cultures. Yes, in peers there was a bigger discrimination rate, and if anything that will bring them is done then they will interact. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting are held, and parents are involved and shown how their children are stuck in cultural values. The school at large struggles with the eradication of culture by mingling the students in class and within the playgrounds among the varying cultural disposition. This attempt by the school has helped much because there was a smaller cultural difference in the whole school. In any normal class, boys get boredom faster they seem not to corporate anymore compared to their colleagues; girls. When it reaches that point, I let them go and play for some minutes. Girls do cooperate actively with each fully. Girls are hyperactive, and whenever any question is asked, they are the first to answer and when given an assignment they finish in time. Boys and girls do not play together; they stay separate and play separately. With time, this trend will change when they have reached certain age levels. Equality is a uniform factor, so when dealing with either boys or girls, dealing with them in the same discipline should apply to treatment, treat them equally without any favor. The school culture and the official curriculum do not promote cultural awareness.