Friday, September 27, 2019

A case study on E-commerce business model Assignment

A case study on E-commerce business model - Assignment Example E-commerce-a strong promotion & Market research tool: Richard who was supposed to be a gardener diverted in a medium which he thought can change his business distribution strategy if properly used i.e WWW. He was in need a mode to take his products to the people who are in search of the same. WWW is having no boundaries and can reach customers beyond horizons and can transfer data with more precision. trivial option for the conventional gardener as it was termed as an expensive tool and complex tool to work with. The professional charges to build a website with all the features were difficult to bear with. The initial investment is needed to place a website was a bit high. Prior to the advent of WWW, gardening companies have to register their company and their products to an apex organization to market their products. These apex organizations used to divert the customers to the respective companies for the products thus the medium in between was circuitous and complex for a customer to approach. E-commerce has eliminated these hurdles and kept the entire information required on the website that can be viewed by the consumers at their convenience. Unlike conventional marketing strategies, the website needs constant update and monitoring which was not an encouraging factor for gardeners. Richard has made a bold move by initiating the efforts to learn and implement the methods of developing the website. His initial efforts made to learn the pro and cons of using internet marketing. He constantly updated his knowledge and the technology thus set the platform that made him to entice more customers. He identified the channel where he can position his web link in the cluster of garden websites thus avoiding the high expenses incurred by the print and other physical medium E-Commerce an effective distribution channel: Richard has initiated the client relationship through email and the queries were addressed every mornings and evenings at convenient timings. E-mail correspondence has enhanced the reach as it can address the concerns and requests in a flash of time. The

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