Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Success of Tylenol Essay -- BTEC Business Marketing GCSE Coursewor

The Success of Tylenol During the 1900's, the McNeil company developed and established Tylenol into a well known and recommended analgesic. It has become recognized world wide as a safe brand of acetaminophen. The name Tylenol has become identified as a trusted, safe drug that people can easily purchase over the counter for their ailments. Tylenol is still recommended by doctors even though there was a cyanide scare in the history of the company. It has been discovered by my independent survey that consumers use Tylenol for their pet's needs also. Through the many years that Tylenol has been on the market, it has been a highly recommended analgesic by doctors. Reports show that doctors recommend Tylenol for headaches three times more than Advil, five times more than Excedrin, and seven times more than Aleve( Tylenol is also one of the mostly used analgesics by hospitals. Some of the reasons it is recommended so highly is because it is gentle on the stomach and is less likely to react with other medications. This would enable people with hypertension and gastrointestinal ulcers to use this medication. Arthritis experts also recommend Tylenol for osteoarthritic patients due to its wide margin of safety. The Tylenol Elixir product also has a proven record of safety and recommendation by doctors when used according to the correct dosage. These products ushered the McNeil company into a world wide company with well known products liked by the consumer. In a independent survey by myself, I found that seventy- nine percent of the people said they used Tylenol products. The recommendation by doctors of the safe product helped to establish the Tylenol products as being trustworthy and reliable fo... ... etc. As consumers in the 1990's and into the twenty-first century, the baby boomer generation loves to play hard and enjoy life, but with this hard play it sometimes brings about pain where they increasingly reach for Tylenol to give them comfort. Works Cited Fannin, Rebecca. Diary of Amazing Comeback. Marketing & Media Decisions. New York: Spring 1983. Guzzardi, Walter. Laurels: The National Business Hall Of Fame. Fortune. 12 March 90. Plunkett, Signe. Emergency Procedures For the Small Animal Veterinarian. 1993. p 117-119. Sherding, Robert G. The Cat Diseases and Clinical Management. 2nd Edition. Vol. 1. 1994. p 30-31, 233. Teague, Kerri. Independent Survey of Classmates. 23 May 2000. Tylenol Web site. 11 Apr 2000. . Wilson, Karen Ann. Analgesics Can Be Pain For Pets. St. Petersburg Times. 16 Oct. 1993.

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