Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sex Trafficking around the World Essay -- Worldwide Prostitution, Chil

A twenty-four year-old women living in Cambodia, Chantha, was forced into prostitution at the age of thirteen. After growing up, Chantha moved away trying to find a new way because her mother and father mistreated her very much; they starved and beat Chantha. She eventually traveled to the inner cities of Cambodia to start a new life. Once, while walking the streets, she was offered a place to stay and work by a mysterious, beautiful woman. This woman was a decoy to lure Chantha into a trap. However, Chantha was very excited to find out she would have work and a place to stay to start living her new life, but the job was not what Chantha expected. At this new job, a brothel used for trafficking women, Chantha was one of fifteen girls who were forced into prostitution. All fifteen girls were forced to have sex with at least fifteen men per day and to make a minimum amount of money per day; the girls were beaten and starved if they did not make their deterrence. Eventually, Chantha was diagnosed with AIDS at the age of twenty-four. With neither family nor friends to comfort her, she is dying slowly and very lonely. Chantha is just one of millions of sexually trafficked victims. According to the US State Department, between two and four million women and children will be sex trafficked annually (Chantha). Sex trafficking, a form of human trafficking, is the act of trafficking in women, children, and men and forcing them into sexual conduct or prostitution. Sex trafficking is increasing every year, and many hopeless, innocent victims are affected. The world is in a process of eliminating sex trafficking and other forms of human trafficking by enforcing trafficking laws and other methods. However, the eradication of sex trafficking is... ...nce. Department of Public information, 21 Oct. 2009. Web. 17 Nov. 2011. . United States. US Department of State. â€Å"Countries N-Z.† Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 Country Narratives. By Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Ed. Media and Public Affairs and Bureau of Public Affairs. 1-171. US Department of State. N.p., 2011. Web. 31 Dec. 2011. . University of Michigan Law School. â€Å"United States v. Raul Santillan-Leon.† Human Trafficking Database. Ed. University of Michigan Law. 1-3. Michigan Law. Univeristy of Michigan , 2011. Web. 31 Dec. 2011. . UN News Service. â€Å"Un agencies join forces to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling.† UN News Centre. By UN News Service. 1-2. United Nations. United Nations: Press Release, 31 Oct. 2011. Web. 7 Nov. 2011. .

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