Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Is Apple Inc the Most Innovation Organization Essay

Is Apple Inc the Most Innovation Organization - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that Apple Inc is one of the most reputed American multinational organizations that develop and designs varied types of consumer electronics, personal computers, and computer software. Its head office is in Cupertino of California but it excellently controls the entire globe with its inventive product lines iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac Computers and many others. Due to which, the total revenue and total equity increased by US$ 170.910 billion and US$ 123.549 billion by the year 2013. However, such a reputed image and position is attained by the organization of Apple Inc mainly due to its numerous innovative hardware, software’s and varied internet presentations to its customers so as to fulfill their requirements. Only then, it becomes successful in amplifying its brand value and market share to a significant extent among many other rival players such as Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo etc. Other than this, the organizati on of Apple Inc always desired to offer best computing practice to its target customers through its high-quality products, services, and techniques so as to position itself as the dominant one, in this segment. Bargaining power of the customers: the bargaining power of the customers is extremely high. This is mainly due to the presence of numerous rival players as well as substitute products. Moreover, as the technology is advancing at a fast rate, the demand and desires of the customers are also advancing rapidly and so in order to retain its image and dominance, the organization of Apple Inc tried to offer varied types of inventive product lines such as I-phone, Ipad, Ipod etc. Introduction of these product lines proved extremely effective for the organization that amplified its market share, which is presented below. Bargaining power of the suppliers: the power of the suppliers is moderate as they had to obey the rules and regulations of the recognized organizations like Apple In c, Microsoft, Dell etc and had to offer the best quality of raw materials to their products. So that the reputation and loyalty of the brand organizations like Apple Inc remains extremely high within the minds of the customers.

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