Friday, October 18, 2019

Operation strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Operation strategy - Essay Example Customer requirements: This step involves identifying the market segments that is relevant for collection of information regarding the requirements of the customer. This step is important in QFD since it ensures that a firm does not waste resources in obtaining unnecessary information from the non-potential customers. This is also the first step which enables the firm to gain more knowledge about the existing market segments. Regulatory requirements: This benefits the firm during the creation of HOF as it provides the customer with the appropriate information about the requirement of the product. This makes the customer aware of the product and hence can participate in the process. Customer importance: This step allows the customer to rate the significance of the requirements on a scale of 1-5 which the given firm uses in creating the relationship matrix. From the customer importance the company obtains information about the relationship between the needs of the customer its ability to meet the needs. Customer rating of the competition: This is the fourth step and it benefits the given firm with tremendous competitive advantage considering that it obtains information about the strength of the competitors in the market. Through this step, an organization can remodel their strategies to outcompeting its rivals. Core competencies refer to the abilities that guide a firm in meeting the fundamental interest of the customers. The core competencies involve researching about the reason behind a customer choosing one product over another. Core competencies and operation management share a lot. In operation management, there is need for an organization to carry out a production process that is efficient and will maximize the profit realized. Normally, the organization strives for the highest efficiency as far as possible. This shows that the ability of a firm to achieve operation management relies on whether a firm has the core competencies. The organization, in

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