Monday, October 7, 2019

Webmonkey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Webmonkey - Essay Example The reason for the involvement of General Managers may be summarized as follows: Initiatives by IT managers become advantageous for the company when general managers show their participation for facilitating business processes, global expansion and initiation of new business ventures. The overall nature of business ventures has been changed with the advent of IT. â€Å"The IT and its costs are starting to make integral part of enterprise day by day.† (Balloni, 2010) Business environments have now become socio technical environments with the inclusion of IT in their domain. The usability of information is highly dependent upon how the information is managed. The collection, distribution and timely usage of information results in substantial usage and also enhances usability. Websites are often the key input arenas for businesses. Their usability is essential for businesses to enhance their customer retention. For a website to be managed properly it is essential that its architecture is structured properly. The structuring and management of a website is often referred to as information management. The structuring of information architecture cannot be completed unless essential correspondence is maintained by the business itself. Initiating with setting up of goals for the website and the scope and requirement of the organization, the audiences of the proposed web portal are assessed. It is extremely integral that the information required by audiences in incorporated within the

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