Friday, October 18, 2019

Vision statement, Core Values statement, Mission statement, Goals & Personal Statement

Vision , Core Values , Mission , Goals & Objectives, and Strategies - Personal Statement Example t working towards a safe, crime and terror free future by pushing for incorporation of intelligent, scientific and technological aspects in service delivery and promoting a healthy and cooperative relationship with the citizens and between the law enforcement agents. My mission is to serve, safeguard and defend the rights of all, promote fairness and public safety. I am committed to promoting peace, demoralizing crime and terrorism acts, protecting property and enforcing laws for economic growth, social cohesion and democratic rights in any manner I deem appropriate without jeopardizing the afore mentioned duties, constitutional rights, ethical and moral concerns. 2. Change people’s negative attitude towards the law enforcement agents through commitment to my duties, respecting the agency’s regulations and ethical standards and using personal judgment and my moral uprightness in the first two years of my service. 3. In my first year of service I will work towards enhancing the relationship between fellow officers and other law enforcement agencies by instilling in them the spirit of team work, togetherness and sharing of ideas. 5. Create a tradition where there will be a change in approach to solving crimes to use of appropriate technology and educated analysis of a situation to reduce chances accusing the innocent in my first two years of service. Staircase to strategic planning comprises of a vision statement, values, mission, goals, objectives and strategies. A vision is blueprint for long term planning. It is a pathway from the present to the future. It comprises of the intended future state of an individual in terms of fundamental and strategic direction. Values are the beliefs which drive an individual’s culture and priorities (Jeanette et al, n.d). The third element in strategic planning is a mission. A mission statement defines the fundamental purpose; reason for existence. Fourthly, is the goals. These are the projected outcomes of what is

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