Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Influences of Culture On Learning and Assessment Among Native Article

The Influences of Culture On Learning and Assessment Among Native American Students - Article Example The author cites information from the national data sources regarding the achievement of the Native American students, and he discusses the principles of assessment and the cultural aspects of assessment. He further uses personal experience to assist others in the reflection of cultural aspects of assessment. Assessment information, data gathered nationally on Native America and educational research is seriously limited. There is a lot to be learned about the Native Americans and other minority students’ assessment and external influences such as environment, context, perspectives culture, and attitudes. Priorities differ in different societies and they influence what the children learn and take as important; there is plenty of opinions and limited research that support this argument. The author concludes by giving several considerations that have to be taken into account in the assessment of a Native American student. An example of such a consideration is the language of inst ruction and the language of home. The article is important because it provides information about the culturally-based curriculum for the Native American students. Three points of relevance; (a) it provides limelight into the present assessment of native students, (b) it attempts to show that the current assessment may be biased because it fails to take into account the influence of culture on the understanding of the world, variety of intelligence we possess, the learning context and the individual’s experiences and, (c) few studies have shown that culturally-based curriculum actually increases the achievement of native students.

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