Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 13

Reflection - Essay Example As one such leader, practicing honesty in all aspects of my role is paramount. My communication and actions should show honesty. Trust is finds its base on honesty. Honest ethical leader bases his argument on facts and this facilitates employees to depend and rely on him. A leader is about a better position to practice integrity if he is honest. Integrating honesty in my leadership style entails effective reasoning through facts. Claiming that you are honest without actual practice the virtue amounts to poor leadership. Every action of an ethical leadership requires transparency and truthfulness (Reilly, Sirgy & Gorman, 2012). Transparency and accountability are indications of honesty in ethical leadership. Incorporating honesty in decision making for an ethical leader entails using the facts as the basis of reasoning. Communication of the facts to the affected parties should be through truthfulness. The action of the leader during making of such decisions should clearly point toward honesty. This makes it easier for the people on the receiving end to appreciate the decision. The second important value for me as an ethical leader is commitment. It is the dedication of an ethical leader to the organization. Commitment entails not giving up or losing focus when the situation becomes unmanageable. Commitment by an ethical leader calls for perseverance throughout the course of leadership. It is a solemn promise that you will stick to the course even during trying moments. A committed leader invests fully in the organization. The investment is in terms of emotional, mental and physical dedication. Focusing full attention and energy make exemplary committed ethical leaders. Another aspect of commitment, which is important involves being ready to sacrifice personal interests in pursuit of the organizational objectives. To instill commitment among employees in an organization, a demonstration through action by the leader is

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